We install, set up, and provide the devices required to automate your home.

No Monthly Fees.

You own it, control it, and you shouldn’t need to pay to use it.


Smart Home Made Easy is your single resource to automate your home. Our expert team will meet with you to review your wants, wishes, and needs to determine the best solution. They will explain your options for hubs, switches, and accessories to get the most from your system. All the products we install are thoroughly reviewed and tested to make sure we can stand behind them 100%. Additionally, all of our systems are researched with future expandability in mind.

With today’s technological advances, there’s no need to run new wires and most components are compatible with a variety of hubs to keep your future options wide open.  In most cases, our team can have you set up and running within a few hours.


In addition to installing all of your devices, our expert technicians will make sure they all work to make your life better from day 1. They will take the time to ask you some of your daily routines to see where we can help set up automations that make sense. Every person/family has different needs and it’s our mission to give you the peace of mind, energy savings, or “cool” factor that your looking for.

Whether you have an idea, or are looking for some great solutions, our team is here to help make it happen. Whether it’s restricting your kids “TV time” by disabling the outlet in their room during specific hours (or via your phone when they’re grounded), to setting up water detection that helps stop leaks before they become a problem, we have you covered.


Smart Home Made Easy not only researches and tests the most versatile smart home products on the market, we do our best to keep them in stock. We support all major brands of Thermostats, Switches/Dimmers, Outlets, Door Locks, Sensors, Water Valves, Voice Control (Google Home & Alexa), Garage Door Openers, TV/Entertainment Control, Cameras, and many more.

We won’t sell what we haven’t tried ourselves. We test, learn, repeat. All the products we carry use broadly-accepted technologies such as Z-Wave to ensure they will work with today’s and tomorrow’s controllers.

We can also use products you may already own and help you get them connected so you can start living with the benefits of home automation.


Smart Home Made Easy supports all the products we carry and install. That means we can help you troubleshoot, provide useful resources, and even tips for how to get the most out of your new Smart Home.

We’ll consult you through the whole process and make sure to listen to your needs before giving you the best options (and the differences between them) so you can make the best decision for your home without getting pushed in a direction that you don’t want to go.

The Right Products. The Right Knowledge. The Right Solution.


Convenience, Safety, Energy Savings

There’s no wrong reason to automate. What are you waiting for?

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Through Our Expert Technical Staff and Tested Solutions