Project Description

Convenience  –  Security  –  Energy Savings

Let Your Home Work for You

Make your home start to work for you. Have the lights turn on as you drive down your street, change TV channels with your voice, make sure the doors are locked & garage doors close automatically when the last person in your family leaves the house, or simply say “Alexa, turn everything off” and have your house shut down for the night.

What may start as “fun” or a “novelty” quickly becomes more, much more. Once you are set up with smart switches, lights, and control devices, you can customize how your home interacts with you based on your behavior. Each person and family has its own routines and Smart Home Made Easy is here to help install and set up your new smart home so you can start enjoying the benefits today.



Popular Product Integrations

Activate Scenes & Make “_ _ _ _ _ _ _” Happen

Scenes can be activated via your phone, voice, time of day, or even your location. Need to prep and clean for a party? No problem – let’s set all the lights to full. Are you ready to entertain? Let’s set a scene to dim the lights, set the mood, and get the party started.

Living Room Light 55%
Dining Room Light 68%
Entry Light 28%
Kitchen Lights 85%


Control devices are what cause items in your home to “act.” These can include your phone, your voice (via Alexa or Google Home), and even your geo-location.


Although there are many different ways to set up your home automation, the biggest challenge is centralizing all components to work with one app. Smart Home Made Easy will make sure it’s easy to add, edit, or change your control settings so that all automation works with a centralized hub such as Samsung Smart Things or Wink.


Devices are the things that receive signals from your centralized hub and can include door locks, lights, garage door openers, and water sensors.


What types of things can I do with home automation?

  • Control lights/appliances from mobile device

  • Control lights/appliances with your voice

  • Trigger lights/doors/temperature based on movement, geo-location, or sensor input

  • Control multiple lights with voice or phone to set scenes for cooking, entertainment, movies, etc.

  • Change the colors of lighting to set moods

  • Provide temporary access to workers, visitors, etc.

  • Unlock/lock doors remotely

  • See when deliveries are made, even when you’re not at home

  • View who’s at the door before opening

  • Preheat the oven on the way home from work

  • Receive notifications when your laundry is finished

  • Raise or lower the temperature without getting out of bed

  • Turn a “single zone” house into a zone for every room for heating and temperature customization

  • Create shopping lists via voice and share with family or have the list emailed to you when you visit the store

  • Order supplies directly from Amazon via voice

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination…