Founded in 2016, Smart Home Made Easy was formed after two friends spent hundreds of hours researching online resources to automate their homes. Why was home automation so frustrating?

The solution: “The purpose was not to start a business,” said co-founder Chris Swartz. “But the idea formed quickly after friends and family saw the benefits, asked about, and wanted what they experienced in our homes.”

Likewise, many online home automation resources were vague, outdated, and sometimes just plain wrong which resulted in extreme frustration. In addition, many homeowners are not familiar with the options, and more importantly, how to link all of this incredible technology into a seamless system.  It couldn’t be a “novelty” and had to provide a benefit that has the ability to positively transform the way we live and interact with out homes.

In 2017, the average car has over 99 sensors capable of making “smart decisions” based on a variety of inputs from temperature, road conditions, speed, and driving style to mention a few.

Q: How many home automation sensors does the average home have that are capable of making adjustments?

A: One. The thermostat.

Smart Home Made Easy set out to change the way we interact with our homes, and more importantly, how our homes interact with us. We provide home automation products, installation, consulting, and support.

We Thrive On Making Your Ideas Work.

Knowledge + The Right Products = Your Solution.

Our experienced, professional, and courteous team will help create a home environment that works with you for a better, simpler, and more intuitive living experience.

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Make life easier by investing in your home's know-how. Take control of your lights, TV's, locks, temperature, and.... just about anything else.

Just Plain Awesome. Really, it is.

From making it easy to turn off/on every light in your home to setting moods and adjusting dimmer settings with only your voice, if you’re looking for the “cool” factor, automation will open your mind to incredible possibilities.

Energy Savings

Save energy by only having your lights and thermostat turned on when your home, or about to be home. Become Energy Smart-er.

Why Heat/Cool when no one's home?

The days of remembering to turn off your lights are in the past. Have your home turn on/off lights based on rooms you access, doors you open, or places you go. (and don’t pay to heat/cool when you’re not at home)

Security & Safety

Want to know when your kids get home from school? How about how long your cleaning service actually spent cleaning?

Know What's Happening. Always.

Get notifications when people enter or leave, set temporary access, or even have your elderly parents send you a text message in case of an emergency with only their voice from any room in the house.

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